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Consultation hours
Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 - 01:18:29 am

Consultations are by appointment only

An appointment for a consultation can be requested only by calling 03 / 225 24 25. My secretary is reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a consultation of 20 minutes within the indicated timeslots, the regular fee is to be paid (no extra costs). Consultations lasting longer than 20 minutes or outside these regular consultation hours can be requested too. A supplementary fee will then be charged. This supplement will not be reimbursed by your mutuality (health insurance).

Please mention if you need a regular 20 minutes appointment, a 40 minutes appointment or an appointment for two or more people. This way I know how much time to reserve.

10 - 12 am
10 am- 4 pm
6 - 8 pm
3 - 7 pm
3 - 7 pm

Whenever the above time slots might be fully booked, you'll be offered either an earlier or a later appointment, without extra costs.

There is no consultation on Thursday. Consultations on Friday end at 6 pm punctually.
For urgent consultations on Thursday you will be referred to a colleague of mine when calling my number 03 / 225 24 25.

Consulations are in Dutch, English, French, Italian or German. I have notions of Portuguese and Spanish.


Planned absences

There are no planned absences in the near future.


How to reach the practice

Click here for maps of the city and of the practice neighborhood and for information on public transport.

Find more information on roadworks in the neighbourhood of the Osystraat. For the boulevards "Leien" are closed in both directions since June 2017 until the end of 2019, exact date unknown by now. So come to Antwerp the smart way:


Making an appointment: call 03 / 225 24 25

  • To request an appointment call 03 / 225 24 25.
  • It is not possible to make appointments online or by e-mail. Why should you? You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also at night and during weekends. The secretary will always be available. You will never be connected to an answering machine.
  • A regular appointment - 20 minutes during the mentioned hours - will not be charged extra. For appointments that last more than 20 minutes or that are outside regular consultation times you will pay a supplementary fee that your health care provider does not refund.
  • Please mention if you need a regular appointment, a longer appointment or an appointment for two or more people. This way I know how much time to reserve.
  • Appointments outside regular consultation times must be made with me personally during consultations. The secretary will not be able to make them.
  • If you get no answer on the regular number 03 / 225 24 25, please call 03 / 205 54 38 instead. Do not use this number because 03 / 225 24 25 is occupied.

Cancelling an appointment

If you cannot keep an appointment, please call to cancel. This must be done as soon as possible and certainly before 8.00 am for morning consultations and before noon for afternoon and evening consultations. This gives other patients the opportunity to use the time.

Please cancel by phone only, not by e-mail nor by leaving a note in my mail box.

Patients who fail to cancel in due time will always be billed for half the consultation fee. This compensation is not reimbursed by the health insurances.


Patient presenting late for an appointment

If you are more than five minutes late, then it's the next patient's turn.  If you don’t show up before your reserved consultation time has ended, you lose your appointment. So please come on time.

In the case of an emergency it might be possible to help you after the planned appointments. That can be very late. If not, we will have to make a new appointment.

Please consider that it is not easy to find parking space near the practice. During rush hour, traffic jam can cause considerable delays for cars but also for public transportation.


Appointments outside consultation hours

Any appointments outside regular consultation hours have to be made with me personally. The secretary cannot make these appointments. For these consultations a supplementary fee will be charged. This supplement will not be compensated by your health insurance.


What to bring to the consultation?

  • Your ID with picture (identity card or passport)
  • Three stickers from your health insurance ('mutuality')
  • Please check Fees below; credit cards and other payment cards are not accepted.
  • A list of your medicines and vaccinations if this is your first visit.

Fees in 2019

In 2019 the regular fee for a consultation of 20 minutes is 26.50 €. At least 20.50 € is reimbursed by your health care provider ("mutuality"), but 22.50 € is reimbursed if you subscribed to my practice, thus having a so called 'Global Medical File'. The 32 € subscription fee for this GMF is fully reimbursed by your health care provider. Subscription renewal is due annually. If you have an Omnio status 25.00 € and respectively 25.50 € is reimbursed.

The consultation fee from 6.00 pm on is 30.50 €. The supplementary 4 € are fully reimbursed to patients who subscribed to their doctor's practice.

For consultations lasting longer than 20 minutes a supplementary fee will be charged that is not refunded by your mutuality.

Patients who don't pay at the end of the consultation, asking to do this "on a later date", will recieve their prescriptions as well as their documents for work and mutuality on that "later date". Because of frequent abuse, no exceptions are accepted, even when claiming ignorance.

Please note that credit cards and other Bancontact cards are not accepted.


Global Medical File

A Global Medical File (GMF) is meant to bring all your medical information together into a single file. Your general practitioner creates a file with your full medical history. The more medical information your GP has about you, the better he can help you. Opening a Global Medical File is available to everybody; there are no requirements to be met.

  • Opening a GMF is free. Your general practitioner will ask you to pay 32 € to start your GMF, but your health insurance fund will fully reimburse this amount (price in 2019).
  • When you visit your GP the amount left for you to pay after reimbursement from your health insurance fund is 30% lower. This makes your consultations cheaper.

read more…


House calls

  • House calls can only be requested by phone (03 / 225 24 25) and not by e-mail. This number can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even at night and during weekends. You will always reach someone, the service does not work with answering machines.
  • House calls are reserved for patients that cannot reach the practice because of health reasons. Do not request house calls for comfort reasons. This would delay house calls for patients that are really in need of them.
  • Regular consultations are prioritized over house calls without medical emergencies. You will be helped faster by a consultation in the practice. It is also cheaper.
  • In case the regular number (03 / 225 24 25) is disturbed you may call the emergency number 03 / 680 44 38. Only use this number if you cannot get connected. Not because 03 / 225 24 25 is busy!

Doctors on duty

Weekends and holidays

On weekends and holidays, please call the doctors on duty in the city of Antwerp at 0900 / 10 512. There you will be asked to give your postal code. Check this first if you are not sure. After typing in your postal code (2000, 2018 of 2060), you are connected  automatically to the 'Huisartsenwachtpost Antwerpen Centrum', which is the weekend GP office.

You can also address directly to this weekend office of the Huisartsenwachtpost Brabo, located at the Lange Leemstraat  187, 2018  Antwerpen. This medical centre is open from Friday 7.00 pm till Monday 7.00 am. It has a subterranean parking. Ring the bell (the bottom bell marked ‘Huisartsenwachtpost’) next to the garage and drive in.

Find information on doctors on duty outside the city center at

Ask the doctor on duty for a summary including diagnosis and treatment and see that this reaches me as soon as possible.


Chemists on duty

Chemists on duty in the entire country, including the city of Antwerp

  • from 9.00 am till 10.00 pm: check site in Dutch - site in French
  • after 10.00 pm: call 0900 / 10.500 (0.50 €/minute)
  • Last update: 27 september 2019

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